We have a growing portfolio of furniture and objects, which bring our values to life in three dimensional form. We work hand in hand with manufacturers and craftspeople to understand all aspects of materials, skills and production. This helps ensure our designs aren’t just beautiful and useful as end products but are rigorous and environmentally sound, in creation, for the duration and after their life.

Ilse Sofa
George Smith, 2014
Brass Cabinet
Studioilse, 2014
Wellbeing Collection
Nanimarquina, 2019
W203 Ilumina
Wästberg, 2020
Betwixt Seating
Herman Miller, 2020
Touch Collection
Zanat, 2017
Perching Stool
Artifort, 2016
Normal Special
Lobmeyr, 2018
Together Table
De La Espada, 2010
CH24 Birthday Edition
Carl Hansen, 2020
Holocene Oil Lamp
Wästberg, 2017
Seating for Eating
De La Espada, 2009
Touch Bowls
Zanat, 2020
Skultuna, 2019
Gronska Collection
Kasthall, 2018
Being Collection
Hästens, 2018
Sinnerlig Collection
Ikea, 2015
Billy Edition
Kalmar, 2015
The Ilse Collection
Georg Jensen, 2012
W084 Table Lamp
Wästberg, 2008
A Frame for Life
Rizzoli, 2014
Home Is Where The Heart Is?
Quadrille, 2005
Sensual Home
Quadrille, 1997
"The more virtual our lives become, the more we crave the physical." Ilse Crawford